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2019 Oceania Youth Chess Championships

2019 Oceania Youth
2019 Oceania Youth Chess Championships held 5th to 13th January 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand. Direct titles or norms available by age groups.

2019 Oceania Youth Chess Championships

2019 Oceania Youth Chess Championships were held Saturday 5th to Sunday 13th January 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand. There are regional age group chess championships where medalists from individual age group tournaments win direct titles or norms.

Oceania Youth and Oceania under 20 Chess Championships 2019

5th to 13th January 2019

Auckland, New Zealand

Standard Medallists and Direct Titles/Norms

Age GroupMedalTitleNormComment
Under 20 OpenGoldKarl ZelescoIMGM norm
Under 20 OpenSilverDavid CannonFMIM norm
Under 20 OpenBronzeAlphaeus AngFMIM norm
Under 18 OpenGoldDavid CannonIM
Under 18 OpenSilverAlphaeus AngFM
Under 18 OpenBronzeKris ChanFM
Under 16 OpenGoldAllen FanFMIM norm
Under 16 OpenSilverKayson WangFM1st= title
Under 16 OpenBronzeBrendan ZouCM
Under 14 OpenGoldRichard MengFM
Under 14 OpenSilverShawn ZillmannCM
Under 14 OpenBronzeChristopher LimCM
Under 12 OpenGoldSravan RenjithFM
Under 12 OpenSilverOliver LiCM
Under 12 OpenBronzeOscar QinCM
Under 10 OpenGoldJayden OoiCM
Under 10 OpenSilverKendrick (Kenny) ZhangCM
Under 10 OpenBronzeTiger ZhaoCM
Under 8 OpenGoldTiger ZhaoCM
Under 8 OpenSilverLucas NiCM
Under 8 OpenBronzeDaniel WangCM
Under 20 GirlsGoldJasmine ZhangWIMWGM norm
Under 20 GirlsSilverVyanla PunsalanWFMWIM norm
Under 20 GirlsBronzeCassandra LimWFMWIM norm
Under 18 GirlsGoldJasmine ZhangWIM
Under 18 GirlsSilverVyanla PunsalanWFM
Under 18 GirlsBronzeCassandra LimWFM
Under 16 GirlsGoldJasmine ZhangWFMWIM norm
Under 16 GirlsSilverVyanla PunsalanWCM
Under 16 GirlsBronzeCassandra LimWCM
Under 14 GirlsGoldNadia BraganzaWFM
Under 14 GirlsSilverKimberley YuanWCMNo 1st= title for girls u14
Under 14 GirlsBronzeCern WongWCMNo 1st= title for girls u14
Under 12 GirlsGoldSophie ChangWFM
Under 12 GirlsSilverAthena-Malar RetnarajaWCM
Under 12 GirlsBronzeIsabelle NingWCM
Under 10 GirlsGoldIsabelle NingWCM
Under 10 GirlsSilverAngela FengWCM
Under 10 GirlsBronzeHannah XuWCM
Under 8 GirlsGoldChanya RupasingheNo titles possible
Under 8 GirlsSilverEsther LiNo titles possible
Under 8 GirlsBronze

Tournament Details

Details and regulations for 2019 Oceania Youth Chess Championships are available in this PDF document.

Pairings and Results

Tournaments are grouped into Standard Open, Standard Girls, Rapid, and Blitz.

Standard Open

All Open Standard age groups have been merged into 5 groups. Vega tournament webpages can be followed by clicking on the buttons below.

Standard Girls

All Girls Standard age groups have been merged into 2 groups. Vega tournament webpages can be followed by clicking on the buttons below.


All rapid age groups have been merged into 3 groups. Vega tournament webpages can be followed by clicking on the buttons below.


All blitz age groups have been merged into 3 groups. Vega tournament webpages can be followed by clicking on the buttons below.

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Listing of all registered participants below:

1Zelesco, KarlAUS2412Under 20 Open
2Slater-Jones, TomAUS2017Under 20 Open
3Jiang, BillAUS2006Under 20 Open
4Crowley, ReganAUS1838Under 20 Open
5Chan, Jacob JosephAUS1782Under 20 Open
6Fareed, MenashFIJ1574Under 20 Open
7Ong, CalvinFIJ1477Under 20 Open
8Ang, Alphaeus Wei ErnNZL2273Under 20 Open
9Guo, Zhi LinAUS1866Under 20 Girls
10Punsalan, Vyanla MNZL1952Under 20 Girls
11Zhang, Jasmine HaomoNZL1883Under 20 Girls
12Yan, SarahNZL1644Under 20 Girls
13Chan, LuisAUS2265Under 18 Open
14Chan, KrisAUS2083Under 18 Open
15Parle, HughstonAUS2072Under 18 Open
16Yang, RayAUS2065Under 18 Open
17Cannon, DavidAUS2043Under 18 Open
18Slater-Jones, HenryAUS1965Under 18 Open
19Gong, NoahAUS1960Under 18 Open
20Cronin, HenryAUS1933Under 18 Open
21Au, AlexanderAUS1789Under 18 Open
22Yang, OliverAUS1566Under 18 Open
23Vukikomoala, SemisiFIJ1512Under 18 Open
24Gong, Daniel HanwenNZL2247Under 18 Open
25McDougall, EuanNZL1596Under 18 Open
26Li, Rodney Xiang ReiNZL1446Under 18 Open
27Barry, JacobNZL1221Under 18 Open
28Sivabalan, BrijeshNZL0Under 18 Open
29Lim, CassandraAUS1854Under 18 Girls
30Watkins, SophieAUS1351Under 18 Girls
31Yan, CarolineNZL1680Under 18 Girls
32Zou, BrendanAUS2004Under 16 Open
33Wang, KaysonAUS1983Under 16 Open
34Lin, KerryAUS1966Under 16 Open
35Ostapenko, MichaelAUS1961Under 16 Open
36Wang, JasonAUS1799Under 16 Open
37Chan, JordanAUS1341Under 16 Open
38Darjana, NathanFRA0Under 16 Open
39Fan, Allen Chi ZhouNZL2110Under 16 Open
40Winter, RyanNZL1803Under 16 Open
41Jin, OwenNZL1590Under 16 Open
42Wang, Aaron ZiwenNZL1502Under 16 Open
43Park-Tamati, PhilliNZL1492Under 16 Open
44Fu, TomNZL1468Under 16 Open
45Steadman, MathewNZL1379Under 16 Open
46Li, Leo Xiang YuNZL1231Under 16 Open
47Liley, FinNZL0Under 16 Open
48Baker, Ilias AngeloNZL0Under 16 Open
49Lu, LillianAUS1676Under 16 Girls
50Ge, EvaAUS1598Under 16 Girls
51Chen, PaulaAUS1565Under 16 Girls
52Watkins, BridgetteAUS1452Under 16 Girls
53Watkins, RachelAUS1205Under 16 Girls
54Lagikula, HumbleFRA1759Under 16 Girls
55Qin, Nicole Shu YuNZL1723Under 16 Girls
56Lal, KrystalNZL1312Under 16 Girls
57Lim, ChristopherAUS1841Under 14 Open
58Zillmann, ShawnAUS1805Under 14 Open
59Morris, ByronAUS1784Under 14 Open
60Ho, LachlanAUS1658Under 14 Open
61Li, YuzeAUS1430Under 14 Open
62Prasad, RudrFIJ1564Under 14 Open
63Fareed, MeshanFIJ0Under 14 Open
64Chardon, HeremoanaFRA1668Under 14 Open
65Hudan, SandroFRA0Under 14 Open
66Raze, MorvanFRA0Under 14 Open
67Meng, RichardNZL1886Under 14 Open
68He, CalebNZL1718Under 14 Open
69Weng, Xintong (Winston)NZL1573Under 14 Open
70Li, AndrewNZL1552Under 14 Open
71Li, AllenNZL1481Under 14 Open
72Mudaliar, RohitNZL1400Under 14 Open
73Jain, UdayNZL1339Under 14 Open
74Yuan, TonyNZL0Under 14 Open
75McKinlay, Nicholas Robert DormanNZL0Under 14 Open
76Jin, NathanNZL0Under 14 Open
77Song, YifeiNZL0Under 14 Open
78Patel, DhwaniAUS1370Under 14 Girls
79Wang, Yifan EvaAUS1337Under 14 Girls
80Wong, CernAUS1239Under 14 Girls
81Wong, ErnAUS1177Under 14 Girls
82Prasad, TanviFIJ1267Under 14 Girls
83Kaemo, GailFRA0Under 14 Girls
84Braganza, NadiaNZL1531Under 14 Girls
85Ghadiali, SaashaNZL1304Under 14 Girls
86Ghadiali, RenaeNZL1265Under 14 Girls
87Yuan, KimberleyNZL1220Under 14 Girls
88Li, OliverAUS1712Under 12 Open
89Lee, LachlanAUS1522Under 12 Open
90Rupasinghe, SayumAUS1516Under 12 Open
91Simic, FilipAUS1455Under 12 Open
92Retnaraja, EthanAUS1373Under 12 Open
93Li, JoshuaAUS1355Under 12 Open
94Xu, ChengyunAUS1288Under 12 Open
95Ho, OscarAUS1019Under 12 Open
96Chand, AyushFIJ0Under 12 Open
97Fareed, MikelFIJ0Under 12 Open
98Kaemo, ArdenFRA0Under 12 Open
99Kolokimoana, AriiFRA0Under 12 Open
100Rochedreux, Jean-AntoineFRA0Under 12 Open
101Renjith, SravanNZL1901Under 12 Open
102Yu, JeffreyNZL1538Under 12 Open
103Xie, FelixNZL1519Under 12 Open
104He, PaulNZL1473Under 12 Open
105Qin, Oscar Shu XuanNZL1430Under 12 Open
106Chen, MatthewNZL1399Under 12 Open
107Zheng, ThomasNZL1290Under 12 Open
108Yuan, JacobNZL1252Under 12 Open
109Zhao, Jay Zi XuanNZL1127Under 12 Open
110Liu, LucasNZL1075Under 12 Open
111Zhao, BrianNZL0Under 12 Open
112Chai, JacobNZL1019Under 12 Open
113Ma, MichaelNZL0Under 12 Open
114Cai, VincentNZL0Under 12 Open
115Chang, SophieAUS1344Under 12 Girls
116Retnaraja, Athena-MalarAUS1301Under 12 Girls
117Tao, ZoeAUS1151Under 12 Girls
118Pan, KatherineAUS1121Under 12 Girls
119Yang, MelodyAUS1100Under 12 Girls
120Chang, EmmaAUS0Under 12 Girls
121Chang, YolandaNZL0Under 12 Girls
122Thurner, AnyaNZL1173Under 12 Girls
123Ray, CharlotteNZL0Under 12 Girls
124Zhuang, EmmaNZL0Under 12 Girls
125Ooi, JaydenAUS1670Under 10 Open
126Anup Kumar, VihaanAUS1245Under 10 Open
127Wang, CunmengAUS1196Under 10 Open
128Kolokimoana, JoachimFRA0Under 10 Open
129Zhang, Kendrick (kenny)NZL1276Under 10 Open
130Xin, JosephNZL0Under 10 Open
131Wang, EugeneNZL0Under 10 Open
132Li, AnnabelAUS1225Under 10 Girls
133Feng, AngelaAUS1196Under 10 Girls
134Bonbon, HaydenFRA0Under 10 Girls
135Ning, Isabelle YixuanNZL1453Under 10 Girls
136Xu, HannahNZL1077Under 10 Girls
137Zhao, Tiger ChengxinAUS1162Under 08 Open
138Wang, DanielAUS0Under 08 Open
139Wang, CalebAUS0Under 08 Open
140Ni, LucasAUS0Under 08 Open
141Giraud, DavidFRA0Under 08 Open
142Zhao, OliverNZL0Under 08 Open
143Rupasinghe, ChanyaAUS1240Under 08 Girls
144Li, EstherAUS0Under 08 Girls


2019 Oceania Youth Chess Championships is held at:

Alexandra Park exterior

Alexandra Park

corner Greenlane West and Manukau Roads, Greenlane, Auckland.

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