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2023 Australasian Masters

Melbourne Chess Club exterior
2023 Australasian Masters held 14th to 22nd December at Melbourne Chess Club has chess player norms available.

2023 Australasian Masters

2023 Australasian Masters is a round robin system chess tournament of 9 rounds with 10 players. The event is scheduled to be held from Thursday 14th to Friday 22nd December at Melbourne Chess Club. Chess players for the event are selected and chosen to make International Master norms possible.

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Tournament Details


1st: IM Stephen J Solomon (AUS) 6.5/9 points.

2nd equal: IM David Cannon (AUS) 5.5/9 points.

2nd equal: IM Alexej Khamatgaleev (RUS) 5.5/9 points

Pairings and Results

Follow the tournament on Vega through link button below:

Broadcast of all games with 30 minute delay.


Round start times (AEDT)

Start Time Day & Date
Round 1 4pm Thursday 14th December 2023
Round 2 4pm Friday 15th December 2023
Round 3 6.30pm Saturday 16th December 2023
Round 4 4pm Sunday 17th December 2023
Round 5 4pm Monday 18th December 2023
Round 6 4pm Tuesday 19th December 2023
Round 7 4pm Wednesday 20th December 2023
Round 8 4pm Thursday 21st December 2023
Round 9 4pm Friday 22nd December 2023

Rate of Play

Single time control. 90 minutes per player plus 30 seconds increment per move from move one.


2023 Australasian Masters is held at:

Melbourne Chess Club exterior

Melbourne Chess Club

62-66 Leicester Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3065, Australia.

Travel Arrangements


1st AUD 1200

2nd AUD 600

3rd AUD 400

Norm Requirements

IM Norm 7 / 9 points for all FMs.


IM Norm Event


IO/IA Leonid Sandler (AUS), Chief Organiser and Tournament Director.


IA Peter Tsai (AUS), Chief Arbiter.

FA David Esmonde (AUS), Deputy Arbiter.


IM Jairo Andres Hernandez Sanchez (COL) 2355

IM Alexej Khamatgaleev (RUS) 2354

FM Raphael Malassagne (FRA) 2292

FM Christopher Wallis (AUS) 2271

IM Peter Froehlich (GER) 2264

IM Stephen J Solomon (AUS) 2259

IM David Cannon (AUS) 2179

FM Sterling Bayaca (AUS) 2165

FM Michael Kethro (AUS) 2162

FM Eddy L Levi (AUS) 2114

Entry Enquiries

AUD 300 per player entry fees.

To be one of the 10 players, contact the organiser, Leonid Sandler on mobile phone: +61 412201891

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