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Chess News Asia

Promoting Chess Events and Projects in Asia

Chess News Asia is a platform that is dedicated to promoting and supporting chess throughout Asia. It offers a unique opportunity for sponsors and other supporters to make a difference to the various events and projects that are taking place across the continent. Through this platform, businesses, organizations, and individuals can anonymously support or sponsor activities related to chess within the areas covered by national federations belonging to the Asian Chess Federation. This helps bring about positive change and growth for chess that is played as a competitive sport in the region.

Promoted Chess Events and Projects:

More about Chess News Asia

Chess is not just a game, it is a beautiful art that unleashes creativity, strategy, and intelligence. The increasing recognition and popularity of chess as a sport across Asia is truly remarkable. While inspiring to see businesses, organizations, and individuals wanting to support it, the fear of being pressured for more support in future holds them back. That’s why Chess News Asia is such a powerful tool by being the platform enabling anonymous support for the chess community. It’s heartening to know that those who are hesitant to show their support publicly can still make a positive impact on various chess related initiatives. Together, we can help the chess community grow and reach new heights.

Businesses, organizations, and individuals use us to anonymously sponsor and support their preferred chess events and projects. Doing so avoids them being targeted as potential sponsors or supporters of other chess related activities. Liberating them from worries of being pressured to provide funds or resources in future. We also endeavour to maximise efficient untilisation of funds or resources provided. Chess events and projects that receive support through us tend to have better deliverables or outcomes.